Saturday, October 23, 2010


Wow. We are at the end of another busy week and I find my head swirling as I sit down to write. I feel busy and tired, but yet I feel unproductive... Like I'm running around with my head cut off.... But we'll get organized one of these days.

What have I been doing all week? Well, on Monday I received an unexpected call asking if Peter and I would like to clean a house on Tuesday! Brand new, gorgeous place, full of dust from carpentry work etc. So after some thinking (and planning for our Pumpkin) we decided to take it on. We worked 7 full hours and were able to make 240 dollars extra this week! That was much needed! The Lord is teaching me to always trust Him for our finances!

Thursday, we received a bedroom set from Peter's parents! Bed, 2 bedside tables, and 2 dressers (one with a huge mirror). We just had mixed dressers and tables before, but now it all matches!! That is nice! And our old bed and dressers have been moved into our spare room. So we are now equipped with a guest room :-) I can't wait to share our home with others!!

Oh, on a side note...just last week (I think...or maybe 2 weeks ago!), friends from our Church decided to give us their dining room table and chairs!! Sturdy, solid wood! It is beautiful and I love it! I will post pictures one of these days!

hmmm what else...
  • Meal planning has gone down the tube...Again! 
  • We used twice as much water this past 3 months than the 3 months before that. 
  • Rebekah has had another week of diaper is going away now though!
  • My mom gave me 2 cast iron pans, which I really like using!

OH! And I just read a really great blog post on Singleness.  
So to all my single lady friends: Check this out!

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Stam House said...

Great to hear a update, and Praise for all his blessing and provision for you and your family :-)