Friday, October 1, 2010

Just take 15 min!!

We love squash!
 The only problem is that it seems to take sooo much effort to get it ready to eat on the plate. Well, mostly it's the chopping that gets to me. (Either my knives are too dull or my arms just aren't strong enough to cut through the things!) So what do I do? I get my wonderful husband to cut it! :-) 

So today, he chops up the squash for me. Meanwhile, I stand at his side (as his encourager and helpmeet, of course!) and make plenty of ooos and ahhhs over his muscles! ;-)

I was very thankful for his hard work and was sure to reward him with a kiss! *Muah!* He kissed back and smiled...then he left and there it was...

The enormous pile of cut but unpeeled squash.
This is where I look at it, look at the clock and say... "ughhhh...this is going to take sooo muchhhh of my timmeeeeeee........ Maybe I'll work on my puzzle instead!" 

And I did. ha ha! I sat down and looked at all the pieces and thought about how lovely it will look when it is all finished...but the squash was eating away at my mind, the whole time. So I gathered up my courage and said, "Ok, I'm just going to work on peeling the squash for 15 minutes. Then I will go do something else and come back to it."
10 minutes later......
It's in the pot covered in water ready to cook!!!
I can't begin to tell you how many times I go through this same thing every day. Sinks full of dishes, toys all over the floor, laundry piled to the ceiling, etc. You can probably think of your own enormous pile of something that looks like it will take an eternity to do!

I'm going to suggest something very simple, but profound:

15 minutes.
That might be all it takes to clear off that table that you haven't seen in months.

15 minutes.
That might be all it takes to give you hope for the completion of a particular job.

15 minutes.
Just might even be what it takes to pull you out of that downward spiral of depression.

Never underestimate the power of the time the Lord has given you. 
It is precious.
It belongs to Him.
Will you use it for His glory today?


Stam House said...

I love squash too, pumpkin etc...

I do the same with asking DH to cut them while I admirer is strong muscles :-)

Tips to you, if you want to save time and energy cut them in half, scoop the seeds out, but butter and salt pepper in the hole, put the half (one or two or as many as you want) bake them until tender then scoop out the cook squash and voila!!!!

I also cute cubes and partially cook them and freeze them for later and puree some in ice cube tray for baby food etc...

Best times of the year to stock up of them is now :-)

AurieGood said...

i'm with you on the time thing - while i feel like all i do is clean up, i like having an organzied home at the end of the day :) but there are times when all i want to do is something fun!! not so with you on the squash - really not one of my favorite things!

jessie thomas said...

i also cook my squash first and then peel it! saves a lot of time and arm muscles!

Niki said...

Aurie, I can't believe you don't like squash! It's sooo good ;) I have been really struggling with being organized and motivated! It helps to think of 15 min. at a time...But I often forget to do that and complain instead...especially if I am tired!

I haven't tried baking squash in the oven! I might try that next time. Sounds really good. Do you do pumpkin that way too? I've tried cutting it into big chunks and cooking in the oven, but it seems to get really dry/burned?

Jessie, now that you mention it, I also used to peel the squash post-boiling...can't remember why I stopped, though...hmmm maybe I'll have to revert back to old habits!

Stam House said...

for baking, pumpkin, butter in the center will make it moist if still have a problem with dryness put in in a roasting pan with a little bit of butter and water (it will steam it therefore more moistness)I also love roasted squash same process as I mention before but brush olive oil on top and let it get golden brown yum!!!!

Gabrielle said...

Hey there Niki!
I put the whole squash in the microwave for 5-10 minutes. It peels right of!! so easy! And then I cook it in the pot. I've also tried cooking it in the oven and it is delish that way too.

Mrs. Horsman said...

I'm with Renee- bake it first!

I hear you on the 15 minutes, though. That's how I do my housecleaning... you might like this:

Niki said...

Thanks for posting that link Dinah, that is right up my alley!

I tried cooking the squash in the oven with butter in the center. It was good, however it did seem to be quite dry. I found that I had to waste more because it was dry and tough... ? Perhaps I will try a pan of water under it next time.

And I'll also give the microwave a try too Gabby!
Looks like we'll be eating a lot of squash!:)