Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To God be all The Glory - an Update

A dear friend of mine said something like this to me a couple of months ago:  
I checked your blog again and noticed that you haven't posted in a long time, does this mean you are not a Contented Mama anymore??

Thanks so much for caring enough to ask! :) Even though I don't deserve it, I am thankful that I am able to say, "Yes, I am still a Contented Mama!"...Unfortunately, I just seem to be a busy contented mama who is still trying to figure out where Blogging can fit in. :-) But I am working on this, as you can see!

My blog today simply has to be an update on the two amazing little blessings that fill our lives with so much joy. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm boasting!! I just want to share with you all how God is helping them grow and learn!  

To Him be all the Glory.

Rebekah and Theodore (Or Teddy as he is now officially nicknamed) are growing so much. Rebekah has a lot more hair than she used to and a lot more manners too! She says (with some reminders) "please" and "Oh, thank-you Mommy". "Sorry Teddy", "Excuse me" and "Bless You!" 
She loves to be a help to her brother. If he is crying she does her best to comfort him and will bring him a toy or a blanket to try and soothe him. She has loved him from Day 1! They are going to be great friends.
 Here they both are sitting together in their Sunday best. 

 Teddy is getting brighter and bigger and stronger every day. It is so hard to believe that he is already almost 9 months old! (he is only 6 months old in the picture, which gives away when I began writing this post :P) It just seems like yesterday that he was a little newborn, tiny and helpless and just giving little "puppy-dog kisses". All he knew to do was cry and drink milk and look up with those sweet little eyes. And now here he is (with Daddy's help) riding on the rocking horse! By the way, those cheeks are just the most kissable things! I could kiss them all day! <3 

Speaking about time flying, Rebekah had a birthday on the 18th of February! 2 years old! And she, too, has come a long way. It's amazing how quickly babies develop. If only I could learn like she can! She knows all of the letters and their sounds and loves to sing the alphabet song! We have an alphabet play mat and she loves to play games where I ask her to find a letter or say the sound. She can count to 11, down from 10 and is learning how to count objects. "1-2-3 cats!"
She loves reading and singing! Her favourite songs to sing are "Old McDonald had a farm" and "Twinkle Twinkle little star". And she often recites lines from her favourite books.
She can also answer several catechism and bible questions. She's a little sponge! If only I could take credit for all of her learning! To God be all the Glory

Teddy is learning to crawl!And has been learning to crawl for the last 3 months! (But we all learn and grow at our own rates and paces!) In this picture he was only able to crawl backwards, but now he can pull himself along the floor and is really getting along great! He is also eating lots and lots of solids. 
Peas, carrots, squash, sweet potato, corn, banana, avocado, apple sauce,
rice, oatmeal, cream of wheat,
beef, chicken, pork, etc. He loves it all!
 Rebekah is learning to be a helper! She can remove and add clothing from/to the dryer, clean up small spills, "fetch items" like diapers or a blanket, take things to the garbage, clean up her toys/books, and also can set the table (with some help). Her newest chore is helping Daddy with the dishes! She loves doing that!

Here is a pleasant morning moment that I am happy to share with you all! Teddy is happy as can be in his exersaucer and Rebekah is reading him a story.
Praise God for times of peace, love, and joy in the home! 
It makes up for the whining, crying, sniffles, bad attitudes, potty accidents etc. that also happen to be a part of our lives ;) Which we also try to Praise God for!!

 Well, I hope you enjoyed my update. :-)
May we always be thankful and content in our home, not only in the good times, but also in the not-so-good.
For God is unchanging and faithful and good at all times.
<3 I pray this for your homes as well. <3