Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All Things Work Together for Good

About 2 weeks ago we had a freezer "mishap". Not exactly sure how, but the freezer became unplugged...

Allow me to paint the scene for you:

It is a Monday afternoon. The house has been tidied, dishes done, and baby is napping. I'm thinking that I have it all together so I grab a coffee and sit down to finish reading "Against the Tide: The Valor of Margaret Wilson" by Hope Irvin Marston. For those of you who haven't read this book, I highly recommend it. The genre is historical fiction/biography. The main character is Margaret Wilson, a staunch Covenanter from 17th Century Scotland during the times of oppression and persecution under King Charles II. It is a captivating and convicting story. It also, by the way, has a very intense ending.

So back to the scene. I am on the second-to-last-page of this book.
Tears are filling my eyes. 
I think I forgot to breathe for a minute. 
My face is red with anger. 
My heart pains.

Enter my husband, Peter:
"Umm, Niki. Can you come here?"
A little agitated I say, "Can it wait!?"
"Well, it is kind of important!"
Already feeling a bit guilty about reading for the last hour or so, I decide I had better go.
"It seems that the freezer has been unplugged for a day or two." My husband explains.
"...o.k." I reply calmly. I think to myself that this isn't a big deal. I mean, it's not like I'm being persecuted or anything! It's just a freezer (And a small one at that!).

I get my boots on and we head out the back door into the shed where the freezer sits...
dripping with reddish-purple juice from the thawed berries.
Almost everything is completely thawed. The 24+ cups of Green Pepper that I just put in there. Pumpkin, apples, raspberries, and blackberries all completely thawed. 

Place on top of this the intense mood I was already in because of the book... 
This is where I turn off the camera because my reaction has become less than...

A little later in the day, after I calmed down and realized that pouting wasn't going to solve the problem, I got out my church directory and called my pastor's wife. They have 3 teenage girls.
"I need to borrow a girl for the day", I said.
She sent me her best girl in the kitchen and the next day we were busy.
We made:
  • 5 pumpkin pies
  • 2 apple pies
  • And a double batch of jam
All before 3pm! That night, feeling like I was on a roll, I made 3 banana loaves and a batch of biscuits for the freezer. Then the next day I made 4 chicken pot pies and froze them too! My freezer is full again, but this time with prepared foods!

I did sit down to finish the book. I cried because of my selfishness and petty nature. I cried also because I didn't understand what God has allowed and still allows His Church to suffer persecution, oppression and martyrdom.

And then I remembered these verses:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, 
to them who are called according to his purpose. 
For whom he did foreknow, 
he also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son,
that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.
Romans 8:28-29 (emphasis mine)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Liquid Hand Soap

I am forever trying to figure out what to do with all of those soap ends -- You know, when the soap gets so small that it just slips out of your hand when you are using it! That is so annoying.

I have thrown out a bunch of them just because I get tired of seeing them hang around my sink or bathtub!

But, yesterday, I remembered reading that they can be used to make liquid hand soap and since we just happened to run out, I thought I would give it a try. Waste not, Want not!

So here's how:
  • Break up the small pieces of soap and shove them into the liquid dispenser
  • Fill it half full with some hot tap water (More or less depending on how much soap you have)
  • Give it a good shake.
It's just that easy. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Modest Mom Giveaway

I just read about a giveaway at A Wise Woman Builds her Home!!

They are giving away a denim ruffle skirt - Tres Cute! And you can choose if you want it maternity or not, and the length. Go to the link to find out how you can enter too!

Reflections on Newborn Baby Times

The last couple of days I have been reflecting on the "early days" with my Pumpkin. I can't believe that she is almost 9 months old! Time has gone by so fast.

But time didn't always seemed to be going quickly. I remember the first week of being a mom. Tired - make that exhausted, frustrated because she seemed to cry so much sometimes, worried because she wasn't gaining weight well, sad because the sun set so early in the evening, sore from breastfeeding, unsure of what to do and how to do it and whether I was doing everything or anything right...I never thought that these times would come to an end! I couldn't see past the troubles of the present circumstances.

With tear filled eyes at 4 o'clock in the morning I would get up for 5th time that night and sit with a crying baby assuring Peter that we need to enjoy these times because she'll never be this little again. I guess I didn't really believe that it was true at the time, but now I look down at my lil girl and wonder where those days have gone. Is she really the same baby that I gave birth to almost 9 months ago? Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't all just a dream.
But I have the pictures to prove it! So it must have been real!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Unexpected Gift

My Cousin Aleisha at Sew What? sent me a package in the mail the other day! I love getting mail and this was a thick one so I was really really excited to open it! I hinted at my like for the baby mitts she just posted about and she graciously offered to make Pumpkin a pair. But when I got the package, to my surprise, she sent more than just a pair of mitts!

The Apron Challenge!

Well, Last Friday I was sent a challenge by a friend, Renee at The Growing Stam Family,to wear an Apron every day for a week. I didn't seem to find the time to post a picture at the beginning of the week, so I'll post it now!

Wool Socks and all!

The Week isn't over yet so I still have a few days of observations to make before reporting my findings ;-)

So check back to see how the Apron has helped get me through the week!