Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Family

Allow me to introduce myself and my family:

Peter, Niki, and Rebekah

We love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to bring Glory to Him in the way we live our lives. 

May this blog be a testimony of our dedication to Him.


Stam House said...

Welcome to the blog world, and your little pumpkin is adorable :-)

Mrs. Horsman said...

Yes, your pumpkin is sweet! I hadn't realized how old she was; I imagined her perpetually lying on her back in her crib, I guess, not interactive as the picture shows!

To answer your comment to me, if you exclusively nurse your baby for 10 months, you will be this way, too!

judy said...

Good morning contented Mama & my little pumpkin...
What is on the agenda for the day? Another beautiful fall day. Can't wait to get there. It would be so beautiful now that the trees are turning.........talk later Love Ma xoxo

Niki said...

Hi Mom :)

Well, just got back from the dentist :( and I'm working on a recipe to post later! So you better check back!
Love you too <3