Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Autumn in Harvest Town!

Yes, indeed it is. Although with a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius (with humidity) doesn't really feel like it! But the leaves are changing and the world is full of vibrant colours that are a feast for the eyes.
Today could have been just like every other day, 
but to make it special, we decided to go for a drive! 
We had two missions in mind:
1) Pick out a couple of pumpkins!!

We chose the Prettiest Pumpkin of them all!

 2) Go Dumpster Diving!

We absolutely *love* fall and spring cleanup time.
I tend to think that it is resourcefulness that makes us love it so much.
(rather than materialism! :S)
Here's a list of what we got!
  • A like new stroller that folds up nice and small                                                                                      (which will be nice for trips to the mall this winter...gotta get exercise in somehow!)
  • A little rocking toy for Pumpkin when she is a bit older
  • And a slightly worn, but still nice wicker basket!
  • We also saw a beat up antique chest as well and really wanted to get it, but just couldn't fit it into the car! :( It was really neat though. It had the name of the man as well as his address and phone number. The number was 193 (I think) and he was from Saskatchewan! 
I want to know...
What treasures have you found dumpster diving???


Aleisha said...

Isn't she sweet!!! I have to get some things done for my blog :) I'll be following you :)

Sharon Cohen said...

The ideas that are being offered in this "blog hop" (The Proverbs 31 Work at Home Woman) are priceless but "DUMPSTER DIVING" is my favorite.

I just wish I could still do it. This was my favorite activity when I was younger and drove a car. My favorite was an antique rocker that my cousin and I found by the side of the road in Brown County, Indiana.

I have never purchased new furniture in all of my adult life - I prefer it this way. My most recent find was the gorgeous daybed that is in this computer/guest room. I didn't even need a car. It was curbside across the street!

AurieGood said...

visting on the blog hop from The Proverbs 31 Work....and I'm glad I did :) I love dumpster diving - and have gotten some great items for my girls that i either use at home, or clean up and then sell at a consignment store! Blessings - Aurie

Niki said...

Hi Aleisha! Thanks for following :) Can't wait to see what you will post next on your blog!

And a special hello to the ladies visiting from "A Wise Woman Builds Her Home"!

Thanks for sharing your roadside treasures with me! :)
I'm very new to the blogging world, so hopefully you will continue checking back :D

judy said...

Hey Niki...A great blog & was just reading your you really want me to tell you my treasures I have found?? There is not enough space here..LOL
I found the little pumpkin I What a sweet picture...& such a beautiful smile...Nana's little pumpkin...:)
You should get some of your recipes up here...that would be cool too...I enjoyed the beet family story....LOL Love you...Ma Xoxo